Located in the North Country of Potsdam NY, Clark Scientific has compiled a large repository of protein specific, biochemical data.

  • Buffer Formulations
  • Cryopreservatives
  • Quality Control
  • Crystallization
  • Fragment Library Screens

Our smart R&D solutions encourage basic and applied research by guiding protein manufacturing and streamlining early stage drug design.

Clark Scientific

Protein Biochemical Profiles at Your Finger-Tips

Our platform is:

  • Organized- data stored in a way which allows easy access.
  • Scalable- ready for millions of rows.
  • Flexible- web and mobile access from anywhere.
  • Secure- security audits and restricted domains.
  • Local- server installed in our data center with redundant backups to the cloud.

Our protein database is searchable by protein name, protein family (e.g. kinases, oxidoreductases, etc.), or profile parameters such as pH solubility range, pI, ammonium sulfate fraction, and temperature stability range, etc.