Located in the North Country of Potsdam NY, Clark Scientific has compiled a large repository of protein specific, biochemical data.

  • Buffer Formulations
  • Cryopreservatives
  • Quality Control
  • Crystallization
  • Fragment Library Screens

Our smart R&D solutions encourage basic and applied research by guiding protein manufacturing and streamlining early stage drug design.

Clark Scientific

Protein Biochemical Profiles at Your Finger-Tips
Sodium Acetate (mM)
Sodium Bromide (mM)
Sodium Cacodylate (mM)
Sodium Chloride (mM)
Sodium Citrate (mM)
Sodium Fluoride (mM)
Sodium Formate (mM)
Sodium Malonate (mM)
Sodium Nitrate (mM)
Sodium Phosphate (mM)
Sodium Sulfate (mM)
Sodium Tartrate (mM)
Sodium Thiocyanate (mM)
Tacsimate (mM)
DL-Malic Acid (mM)
Succinic Acid (mM)
Ammonium Chloride (mM)
Ammonium Sulphate (mM)