Located in the North Country of Potsdam NY, Clark Scientific has compiled a large repository of protein specific, biochemical data.

  • Buffer Formulations
  • Cryopreservatives
  • Quality Control
  • Crystallization
  • Fragment Library Screens

Our smart R&D solutions encourage basic and applied research by guiding protein manufacturing and streamlining early stage drug design.

Clark Scientific

Protein Biochemical Profiles at Your Finger-Tips
NAD (µM)
ATP (µM)
Polyvinylpyrolidone (10,000) (%)
Pentaerythritol Ethoxylate (3/4) (%)
Dextrane Sulfate (%)
Ethylene glycol (%)
Glycerol (%)
NDSB-195 (mM)
NDSB-201 (mM)
NDSB-221 (mM)
NDSB 256 (mM)
1-6 Hexanadiol (%)
(+/-)-2 Methyl-2, 4-Pentanediol (%)
Jeffamine M-600 (%)
2,5 Hexanediol (%)
Polypropylene Glycol P400 (%)